Monday, September 3, 2012

The best Disposable baby diaper

Im a mother of 2 son. Both babies( dah toddler pn sebenarnya) memang kuat minum! kalo x percaya tgk size diorang! So we need a very good diaper. dari baru lahir memang dowang pakai Mamypoko and brand ni memang superb. Memang puas hati sangat2!.
Ada satu masa ni, we went for family trip to perth, for about 1 week. so dengan yakinnya i convince my husband bawak 1 jumbopack of mamypoko je. ahahah. end up x cukup and kena beli kat sana. kalo x salah brand dryp**s. dryp**s kat sana lain skit dari kat malaysia. macam Lebih elok la kualiti.
Seelok2 kualiti pn mmg x boleh lawan mamypoko, end up, every 2 hours kene tuka. Tu pon still develop rashes. aiyoyoy. ahahah. en husband mmg bising gile la. kuang2.So mmg kitorang came out with a conclusion yang anak2 kitorang serasi dengan brand ni and my husband dah warn toksah gatai2 nak tukaq brand (slang kedah)
Tapi overall mmg Mamypoko is the best diaper i rasa. worth every cents u spend. Harga dia agak mahal sikit la compare tu other brand, tapi untuk si keselesaan si manja, apa salahnya mommy daddy berbelanja lebih kan?furthermore, kedai2 macam tesco, Giant, Carrefour and Jusco slalu buat sale. kena rajin sikit la kan?
Lagi satu product dia mamypoko easy fit pants. Ni mmg a gift from heaven. You know how lasak 1 baby boy could be, just imagine i have 2 healthy jumping here and there little boy. ahahaha. so most of the time, mmg easy fit pants ni jadi penyelamat, especially waktu keluar jalan2, travelling. ehehe.
So mummies out there, please try Mamypoko and compare with other brand that you're using. Then share the difference!

ps: This is not a paid post :p


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